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Here at M Cycle we offer a wide variety of classes to suit your needs. Our are designed to help you reach your own personal fitness goals in a fun and energizing environment. From boxing to yoga we're sure to offer something thats just right for you.


This highly ab-intensive workout will have you looking beach ready in no time. We take the time to target all the muscles that make up your abdominals, and it’s more than just a plain old sit-up.


Circuit training to the max in this class. You will run, and jump, and lift, and then run some more. You will always be moving and you will constantly be challenged with new exercises.


The stronger the core, the more powerful the athlete. We target all areas of your core in this intense workout, but don’t worry…we will make sure to give you a little more so that you leave satisfied.


Boot Camp hasn’t seen the likes of us! Get the basics of functional movements performed at high intense intervals. You will push up, pull up, and lunge your way into shape here. We are constantly shaking things up in this class so be prepared for anything!


Ready to get your body into Extreme Makeover shape? This is the ultimate total body workout. Every nook and cranny will be transformed. You will walk in ready to work and walk out a new person.

H.I.T (High Intensity Training)

High Intensity Training is what you can expect in this class. Working out more intensely for a shorter amount of time produces more effective results. Be prepared to see the results of your hard work.

Impact Sports

Impact Sports – (Ages 6-12 & 13-18) Our kids need 60 minutes of exercise every day. Today’s demanding academic school schedules make it increasingly more difficult for them to get these precious minutes in at school. We believe these are those most precious 60 minutes of their day and we have lots of fun and physically challenges for them.


Developed as a training discipline in Russia during the early 1900’s, swinging this cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball will challenge even the most seasoned athlete. It’s just you, your bells, and the swing. Targeting the core muscles, this workout will develop functional strength, endurance, and flexibility.


We turn the knob on the traditional kettlebell workout up to KICK ASS! Be prepared to work and work hard. Concentration, stamina, and focus will combine as you swing your way to an even greater level of fitness


*Special rates for kids. Inquire ages 7 - 13 IMPACT SPORTS and KIDS ZUMBATOMIC


Get ready for the one two punch of your life with Knock Out; MCycle’s answer to the run-of-the-mill boxing class. You will refine your jab, uppercut, and overhand right, while engaging your core and mental flexibility.


We can’t think of a better way to wake up than with a little Morning PT. This total body workout will get you in the right frame of mind to conquer your day./p>


Sixty minutes of intense power. Your total body will be challenged in this workout.


Be prepared to have fun, sweat, and tone. Deepen your yoga studies with this transforming class. It will provide a good base for a beginner and also reinforce basic fundamentals for a seasoned practitioner.


This class is a booty blaster. We will target your tush to make it tight as well all the areas of your body that play a role in keeping it so.


The versatility of TRX Training bodyweight exercise is that there are hundreds of functional exercises that you can do. You don’t need to be sitting down on another machine. It’s time to stand up to achieve optimal physical performance. You will build your endurance, core stability, mobility, strength and endurance.


Start your weekend off right with an intense Warrior style workout that will test your strength in several ways. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to do something for yourself before the weekend fun really starts?


XTAPUMP=Yoga/Pilates infused with sculpting using some props (rings, weights, etc)

XTAPULSE=PowerYoga/Plyometrics infused cardioblasting heart pumping practice


We love Zumba and we love to get a workout that does double duty. Imagine pairing the fun and fast-paced good time of Zumba with the effectiveness of added toning. We add hand weights to the classic class for a party full of twice the fun!


Are you ready to dance and party your way into shape? Join us for this exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning good time. Millions of people have been moved toward good health and you could be one of them.